About Us

We are Team Garudashwa, An International Aero Modeling Student Venture from AISSMS COE, Pune.
We Participate in various National and International Aero Design Series organized by SAE. For the competitions, We Design, Build and Fly RC model Aircraft. The Aircraft can Span as big as 12ft!
We apply various Engineering principles to create Airworthy Aircrafts.

Our Team has a winning legacy of the past 6 years. Achieving numerous National and International Awards!

Take A Look into Our Journey

What We Do 

We participate in competitions held by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) at the National as well as International levels, in three different classes viz. Micro, Regular, and Advance.  

Each year the team Designs, Builds, Tests and Fly the RC models with-in the constraints of the Rule Books. In the Advance Class we have to design a system which can fight forest fires Aerially. This includes a Main Plane carrying water. A smaller autonomous UAV is attached to the Main Plane, it will be a carrying components for a autonomous Ground Transport Vehicle.

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